Does Your Country Club Look Like All the Rest? Time for an Interior Design Refresh with Banko Design

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When thinking about obtaining—or retaining—members for your country club, where does your mind go? Perhaps it’s the amenities, the prices or even the menu. The savviest will ask themselves another question: What will set us apart from everyone else?

One of the most distinct ways to stand out: your club’s interior design. For the best country clubs, members view their membership as a point of pride. The club reflects its members and vice versa. That’s why a strategic, thoughtful and professional country club interior design could make all the difference in courting and keeping club members.

No one wants to be—or belong to—the country club that looks like all the others (it’s far too common amongst upscale leisure environments). To avoid this, it’s time to consider a refresh. Let’s break down how a revamped interior from Banko Design can transform your country club into a must-belong destination.


Welcome and wow. These are your priorities the moment a member or prospect enters your club. The look and feel should instantly set the tone for the rest of the club and speak to the character of the entire property, regardless of whether your members prefer a more modern aesthetic or embrace a more traditional, classic country club atmosphere. The clubhouse needs to be an inviting social space, not something clinical or bland.

If you currently feel a lack of spark when guests and members walk through the door, that should trigger a red flag in your mind. Let a seasoned firm help you re-discover a joyful, unique arrival moment that says, “Enjoy yourself and stay awhile.” Anything flat or uninteresting could pervade throughout the entire club.

At Banko Design, we got our start in country club design, and know how to make the most of that first impression.


Country clubs are full of specific, dedicated spaces which often include member lounges, private dining spaces, grills, fitness areas, golf clubhouses and more. Each space has (or should have!) a function, and each has a form ripe for savvy and strategic interior design. What professional interior design firms accomplish goes far beyond furniture selections. At Banko Design, we reimagine spaces to enhance their purpose, curating a style befitting of the club and its members, and innovating in a way that truly stands out.

Banko Design can take any space in your country club and, in lockstep collaboration with your operations team, completely revitalize it. Keeping member experience top of mind, we’ll work together to envision how every space can be stylized and better utilized. We’ll lean into the purpose of each room, giving it a fresh flow of functionality.

Your members deserve more than an interior decorator. A full-service design firm like Banko Design, equipped with the right know-how, experience and resources, makes it their mission to uncover your needs and refit each space from start to finish.

At Banko Design, we work alongside our in-house procurement team, which is a huge advantage for our country club clients. It means:

  • We can supply and outfit the furniture, fixtures and equipment for your project
  • We handle negotiations with manufacturers to get you the very best pricing
  • We confirm material availability and work with your construction timeline
  • Our dedicated team places all the orders and schedules the installation, which means more clarity into the project timeline, zero logistical headache for you to manage, and a stunning, completely turnkey project you get to take credit for executing.

We do all of this to help minimize costs and keep your project running on time. In-house procurement is uncommon in the industry; but we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box (and outside the room).


Everyone loves a trend, but trends end (it is right there in the word). Applying a hot new design trend to your club runs a high risk of feeling stale or outdated as soon as it’s passed, which usually isn’t long.

We feel that private club decor should be timeless. That doesn’t necessarily mean the club should be traditional – in fact, many of the clubs we have designed skew modern. It means the design principals at their core have staying power, with an eye for quality and a stylistic stamina that can endure any era. The best clubs transcend a trend, blending a thoughtful design with local flavor that represents the club’s geography, membership and history. Implementing these elements into your design decisions will be meaningful to your members and staff, creating a deeper sense of belonging, importance and taste.

The magic formula for the perfect interior design is different for each club.Banko Design is the spellbinder, expertly-versed in every aspect of decor and design that can bring your club’s story and style to life. Whether you’re aiming for more of a luxury club decor, a prestigious club ambiance, something contemporary or something completely distinctive, we’ll give it the right touch that won’t just stand the test of time, it’ll stand out on its own. Simply put, our work lasts longer, which makes your dollar go further.


Interior design is a serious investment. That’s why we treat your budget like our own, and stay conscious about it every step of the journey. We love having conversations around budget early and often because we know the last thing you want to do is pass the bill onto your members or announce a surprise assessment.

Together, we’ll devise a plan that’s smart, sound and savvy. One that gets you excited(!); one that you can’t wait for your members to experience and prospects to see. You’ll be amazed at what we can come up with for any budget. We have transformed spaces with impeccably appointed materials, paint, lighting and furniture updates.

We’re driven to make your project happen and to deliver design that makes you happy.


An interior design refresh isn’t just a cosmetic update. It’s a strategic investment that can skyrocket the club’s success. To become a more desirable destination for members, guests and prospects, you’ll need to:

  • Wow at the welcome
  • Be smarter with spaces and styles
  • Blend the club’s DNA into a timeless design
  • Maximize the possibilities in your budget

At the end of your renovation, you’ll be the envy of clubs everywhere. 

Banko Design’s roots are in country club interior design. Since, we’ve branched into different verticals including the hospitality, multifamily, and active adult markets, which allows us to apply the best practices we’ve learned from each of those markets. Possibly the greatest advantage, is that this approach gives us a sharp eye and understanding on what fixtures, prestige club furnishings, fabrics and finishes can handle high-traffic areas while still providing a warm, inviting, and original feel to the space. In other words, we bring the best of everything to improve your space (and ROI).

A new-look interior can help your country club become more relevant and vibrant while appealing to a diverse member base. These members talk. What do they think they’re saying about the current state of your club’s interior design?

Reach out to us at and let’s work together on a refreshed vision for your country club.

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