FF&E: Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FInishes and Accessories, too!)

Start-to-finish procurement, negotiation, coordination, warehousing and installation for all resimercial applications. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Great FF&E coordination is a lot more than just procurement.

FF&E involves procuring furniture, fixtures and equipment while obtaining the best value and preserving design intent. It’s an essential part of branding a project that includes negotiating with manufacturers, confirming materials and coordinating schedules and timelines. Skimping on FF&E results in shoddy work that can put your project in the red.

Banko Design approaches projects with a long-term perspective. Unlike firms that operate on take-it-as-it-comes attitude, we anticipate issues to ensure your project finishes on time. As a start-to-finish FF&E firm, we help you minimize costs, avoid delays and reduce administrative headaches. You won’t have to worry about checking in or having deadlines pushed back.

A Note From Melissa Banko

Banko Design does more than a run-of-the-mill procurement service. We create satisfied clients with customized FF&E packages. Procurement with Banko Design includes accessories like custom artwork and regional signage that brand your project with a home feel.

But Banko’s superior FF&E doesn’t stop there. Our procurement teams coordinate with vendors and construction companies and inspects each purchase. All of this helps you to get your project finished on time and in budget.

Basic FF&E providers punch the clock after ordering a bulk furniture package. When you factor in that we handle every step and manage every headache while engineering a functional and alluring plan just for you (nothing beige here), you’re getting a pretty sweet deal. Plus, we won’t stick you with any additional procurement costs after the fact.