Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our talented team of designers, interior architects and purchasing agents work from our three studios to program, design, document and purchase all aspects of interiors for our clients.

Melissa Banko

Founder & Principal

The best advice I’ve received is: don’t follow the masses because sometimes the ‘m’ is silent. I strive to do things differently, not for the sake of being different, but to be innovative.

Steph Hyatt

Business Development

If I could master one skill, it would be flair bartending. Imagine me slinging mixed drinks like a female version of Tom Cruise in the 1988 movie Cocktail

Brittany Panachida

Business Development

If I had a warning label, it would definitely say: Warning! Personality May Be Larger Than It Appears

Betsy Distler


If I had a superpower, it would be to give our staff the tricks, tools and knowledge to make them in to designer superheroes! 

Alexa Blackwell

Studio Director

If I could watch a movie for the first time again, it would be the Princess Bride. It’s the world’s greatest story of true wuv and medieval adwwenture. 

Jan Reynolds

Interior Designer

I once zip-lined in the Dry Forest in Costa Rica. I was scared to death until I realized that the only other way down was walking past a coral snake!

Kayla Jones

Interior Designer

If I were reincarnated as a famous landmark, I’d be Walt Disney World. It’s the happiest place on earth!

Jessica Ybarra

Interior Designer

If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d choose a little house along the river in Avignon in the South of France. I’d spend my days riding my bike and enjoying the scenery.

MJ Catalano

Interior Designer

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. There’s nothing cozier than relaxing by the Christmas tree under a pile of blankets watching Home Alone.

Lorrie Burks

Interior Designer

My favorite thing is my “Edgar Allan Poe goes to Woodstock” halloween tree. It’s a mixture of lace, ravens, hippies, witches, and goblins. 

Elizabeth McLemore

Interior Designer

If I had a time machine, I would travel back to the Enlightenment period. The development of neoclassicism and the use of color has always been interesting to me!

Paige Kent-Moller

Interior Designer

My perfect Sunday morning is enjoying a cup of coffee with a perfectly toasted everything bagel sandwich, yoga, and planning my next vacation. 

Sophia Boudouris

Interior Designer

A random fact about me is that I spontaneously adopted a donkey during my last trip to Greece! 

Kala Shaver

Interior Designer

If I could have an endless supply of anything, it would undoubtedly be crab rangoons!

Colleen Gilroy

Interior Designer

My favorite tv show is New Girl! If you ask my family or friends, they think I am most like the character Winston! 

Kalah Lee

Interior Designer

If I won the lottery, I would help my parents however I could. Then I would either fly to Antartica to meet an emperor penguin or start a penguin sanctuary. 

Mackenzie Fuller

Office Manager

If I could live in any movie, I would live in Star Wars and have a quiet life on Naboo. 

Baleigh Rape


If I could win an Olympic medal it would be for folding a fitted sheet insanely fast.

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