Multifamily Interior Design Services

Forget the cookie-cutter designs and hidden markups. We design gorgeous, completely custom spaces that match your vision and reflect the surrounding community.

Our Full-Service Multifamily Design Firm Delivers From Start to Finish

Whether you’re considering a new ground-up project or a fresh renovation, we design one-of-a-kind spaces with personality and charm. Our portfolio stretches across the U.S., and each project highlights our unique aesthetic and technical expertise.

We don’t rubber-stamp redundant designs or push you toward a preformed vision. Instead, we work alongside you to understand your residents, budget, location and goals so we can design an elevated environment that reflects the surrounding community – while still protecting your margins.

A Note From Melissa Banko

Banko Design is not your parent’s interior design firm. We don’t leverage cookie-cutter templates to pump our the same design over and over, regardless of locale. And we’re not always the cheapest option (although we do provide transparent pricing instead of hiding behind shady procurement markups).

So what’s our deal? We’re a full-service interior design firm that takes pride in our customer service and provides customized, compelling designs. We’re confident we can deliver the look you want at a price point that works for you. That’s the benefit of working with classically-trained designers and interior architects who won’t stop until they understand and implement your specific vision.    


Full of luxe finishes and urban industrial influences, Deca at Camperdown is a new-build multifamily community in Greenville, SC.


A new-build multifamily community in Jacksonville, FL that accentuates its modern Mediterranean aesthetic with a neutral palette.

The model units in this apartment-to-condo conversion were updated to reflect the young, upscale vibe of the residents in this vibrant community. 


This freshly renovated multifamily community IN Jacksonville, FL with a neutral palette that creates a relaxing escape.