South & Twenty is an exquisite multifamily community nestled in Cartersville, GA, where the allure of Lake Allatoona meets the charm of historic downtown Cartersville. Inspired by the natural beauty of its surroundings, the design at South & Twenty embodies a seamless fusion of modern and timeless elegance. The overall color palette is warm and inviting, with rust reds, greens, and warm woods. 

The leasing center immediately welcomes you with rich, warm wood beams spanning the ceiling, reminiscent of classic designs seen in historic banks or train stations. In the leasing center, layering light blues, navy, and oranges with contemporary art gives this space a modern touch to the traditional architecture creating the perfect area for residents to gather and enjoy. The Clubroom carries on with the same flooring and beautiful wood beams as seen in leasing, but the focus is drawn to the fireplace with rich teal millwork on one side and a vibrant kitchen on the other. The atmosphere is set with deeper tones of velvet greens and blues, complemented by classic stripes and traditional rugs. he layout has been strategically designed to provide both relaxation and social engagement with powered soft seating, resulting in a space that exudes comfort and sophistication.





DEVELOPER: Watkins Real Estate Group