Relato apartments

bloomington, indiana

Our conceptual approach revolved around the fusion of timeless retro sports aesthetics with a modern amenity package relevant to a young renter’s needs. We envisioned a bold multifamily project that celebrated the dynamic university culture with subtle nods to Indiana University traditions that also offered a versatile and inviting atmosphere for residents from various walks of life.

The success of this project hinged on the thoughtful execution of a memorable space that felt fun without being juvenile. Key amenity spaces feature cheeky neon signage and bright pop art mounted against collegiate red brick. The corridors feature a painted “track” motif. In the lounge, a whiteboard mural full of Indiana University symbols allows renters to unleash their creativity. Beneath the mural, the team manufactured plywood “bleachers” to further drive home the retro sports narrative. One of the featured amenities is the Recording Room, where social media content and podcast recordings can be captured behind the lush velvet curtain. When entering the gym, residents are greeted by old school lockers adorned with local sports memorabilia. To satisfy the renter who may also desire a place to study, the team dreamed up several cozy nooks and inserted a communal table below strategically placed noise reducing baffles. The retro sports theme was carefully curated to evoke nostalgia and capture the essence of university spirit without excluding non-student residents.





DEVELOPER: Scannell Properties