everlan of hixson

HIXSON, tennessee

Everlan by Dominion of Hixson is an 85,000 SF Independent Living community in Hixson, Tennessee consisting of 89 units. This property includes communal spaces such as an activity room, a salon, a bistro, a spacious dining room with a bar, a movie theater, and two levels of outdoor seating. Because the design objective was to make Hixson feel like a comfortable southern home, the property’s double-height ceilings posed a unique challenge for the designers.

In order to create the feeling of a southern home, our designers incorporated intentional nooks and spaces for residents to comfortably socialize in, both indoors and outdoors. Our design team chose light fixtures that fill the tall ceilings and create a warm glow throughout the communal spaces. We drew inspiration from the surrounding area in our color palette. Neutrals and red rust colors mimic the red brick of the historic buildings in nearby Chattanooga, while various hues of blue are prominent throughout the property in art, upholstery and cabinetry and are a tribute to the local Tennessee river. 

Framed art also plays a valuable role in providing a sense of home to the new residents by showcasing local landmarks around Chattanooga through custom photography that ties in with the inspired color palette.




85,000 SF; 89 UNITS



OWNER/OPERATOR: Everlan by Dominion Senior Living

ARCHITECT: DK Levy Architecture & Design