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We work with clients in the senior living, multifamily, hospitality and healthcare markets to take their projects to the next level.

Above And Beyond

Boutique Interior Design

Banko Design is a full-service interior design studio that programs, designs and documents all aspects of interiors for our clients. What makes us different? We offer our clients a level of quality that only a boutique firm can provide. We’re energetic, innovative and we think outside of the box. From renovations to new-build, our passion for what we do shines through in our streamlined design and project process.

FF&A and Finishes

From Purchasing To Installation

We purchase your FF&A package and all of the finishes that drive your design – from flooring and lighting to your furniture, art and accessories. Why use Banko as your purchasing agent? We fit higher-end furniture and finishes into your budget by purchasing direct and then we store your product in our warehouse in Marietta, GA. Once your project is ready we coordinate and manage every aspect of your install too.

Schematic Design
  • branding and programming
  • initial space planning
  • building design palettes
Construction Administration
  • review interior construction for design intent
  • ID project management
  • review of submittals and RFIs
Design Development
  • finalized floor plans and ceiling design
  • finish specifications
  • interiors budgeting
Renderings & Material Boards
  • 3d photorealistic renderings
  • interior material boards
  • furniture modeling
Construction Drawings
  • revit modeling
  • ID CAD drawings & construction sets
  • furniture specs
  • purchasing furniture, fixtures and finishes
  • warehousing, receiving and storage
  • installation

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The Banko Team

Our team of designers, interior architects and purchasing agents work from our studios in Marietta, GA and Amelia Island, FL to program, design, document and purchase all aspects of interiors for our clients.
Melissa Banko

The best advice I've ever received is don't follow the masses because sometimes the 'm' is silent. In my life and at work, I strive to do things differently, not for the sake of being different, but to be innovative.

Betsy Distler
Studio Director

My superpower would be to give our staff the tricks, tools and knowledge to make them in to designer superheroes, like Edna Mode from The Incredibles whose fashion designs enhance others' powers.

Travis Snyder
Procurement Director

If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be fried chicken tacos from Taqueria Del Sol. They're delicious, local, contain the four food groups and I love any food that you can pair with a margarita!

Jan Reynolds
Senior Interior Designer

The most daring thing I've ever done is zip-lining in the Dry Forest in Costa Rica. I was scared to death until I realized that the only other way down was walking past a coral snake. After that I had a blast.

Jennifer Lorenzo
Senior Interior Designer

My favorite sports are kickboxing, karate and muay thai. When the heels come off at the end of the day, the gloves go on and I'm ready to show what 'hits like a girl' really means.

Jessica Ybarra
Interior Designer

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in a little house along the river in Avignon in the South of France. I would spend my days riding my bike and enjoying the scenery.

Ashley Ferguson
Designer and Purchasing Agent

Aside from necessities, the one thing I could not go a day without is chapstick. My other near-necessities are Chick-fil-a, red wine, sunglasses and a calculator.

Laura Ann Wagerman
Designer and Purchasing Agent

I have two favorite cheeses. My salty choice is smoked gouda and my choice for sweet is white stilton cheese with cranberries. Both pair well with a bold cab and an outdoor fire.

Sofia Bonilla
Interior Designer

My favorite karaoke song is Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. I think it's one of the best songs ever and it's become my go-to for all karaoke nights and will be for the rest of my life.

Anne Bauer
Interior Designer

My favorite era for fashion is the 1940s and 1950s. I would love if pillbox hats and tailored cape suits came back in to fashion. I would definitely wear both of those things to work if I could.

Alex Phillips
Interior Designer

The most daring thing I've ever done happened on a visit to Victoria Falls in Zambia. We went to Livingston Island where I sat in the Angel's Pool overlooking the 355'-0`` waterfall drop to the bottom.

Ellie Bertram
Interior Designer

Who would play you in a movie about your life? They've already written a movie about my life and it's called Bridget Jones's Diary. They got a few things wrong so the remake will be played by Kristen Wiig.

Lauren Brewer
Interior Designer

I laugh the most during game nights and dinners with my family. We have the funniest conversations, tell obscure jokes and laugh until we can't stop. With my family is where I'm the happiest and my goofiest.

Caroline Fritze
Intern Designer

Caroline joins Banko Design as an Intern Designer. She has a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications from Clemson University and is currently pursuing a degree in interior design at SCAD.

Steph Hyatt
Business Development

Steph joins Banko Design as a member of our Business Development team. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wake Forest University and has experience in marketing and art consulting.

Brittany Panachida
Business Development

Brittany joins Banko Design as a member of our Business Development team. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from University of Georgia and a background in art consulting.

Carly Otts
Accounting Manager

When I was a little kid, I wanted to grow up to be a cat. Later on I wanted to be an artist but I became an accountant instead. Now I have all three in my life: I paint, I have a cat and I have a fun accounting job.

Who We Work With

Our Clients

Our clients are innovators and game-changers in the senior living, hospitality, multifamily and healthcare industries. We work with the best groups to design spaces that reflect their core values.
  • Camperdown Greenville
  • Arium Westside
  • Arium Vinings Station
  • Arium Crossroads
  • Arium Glenridge
  • Carroll Peninsula at Buckhead
  • Carroll Bella Vista at Boca Del Mar
  • Carroll Centro Davie
  • Carroll Trinity Fort Worth
  • Carroll Magnolia Terrace
  • Carroll Edgewater Plantation
  • Carroll Greenwood at Ashley River
  • Radco Radius Mountain Creek
  • Radco Radius West Ashley
  • Radco Ashford 6860
  • FSR Manhattan
  • Gallman Pryor Street Lofts
  • Pinnacle Grande Club
  • Pinnacle Royal Oaks
  • Pinnacle Galleria Park
  • Pinnacle Northwood
  • Pinnacle QUAD
  • Pinnacle Eagle Pointe
  • Pinnacle Forest Ridge
  • Pinnacle Smoky Crossing
  • Eclipse Lobby Buckhead
  • Museum Tower
  • Covington Towne Center
  • Tribridge The Jaxon
  • Tribridge Riverside Jacksonville
  • Tribridge Harper on Piedmont
  • Tribridge Johnston Mill Lofts
  • StoneRiver Ashford Place
  • StoneRiver Huntleigh Woods
  • StoneRiver Southern Oaks
  • StoneRiver Village at Westland Cove
  • Waypoint The Social
  • Compass Mid City
  • Residential Mgmt. Sunscape
  • Residential Mgmt. Oak Manor
  • Residential Mgmt. Madison Oaks
  • Residential Mgmt. Fisherman’s Landing
  • Residential Mgmt. Fairways of Inverrary
  • Residential Mgmt. Park at Siena
  • Residential Mgmt. Greenwich Commons
  • Redmond Regional Medical Center
  • Redmond 15 John Maddox
  • Redmond Patient Rooms
  • Redmond OP Surgery Waiting
Senior Living
  • Overlook at CedarCrest Assisted Living
  • The Phoenix at Union Hill
  • The Phoenix at James Creek
  • The Bluffs at Greystone
  • The Phoenix at Braselton
  • The Phoenix at Madison
  • The Phoenix at Milton
  • The Phoenix at Dunwoody
  • The Phoenix at Roswell
  • The Phoenix at Dallas
  • The Phoenix at Estero
  • The Phoenix at Addington
  • The Phoenix at Lake Lanier
  • Dominion Johnson City
  • Dominion Clemson Phase I
  • Dominion Clemson Phase II
  • Dominion Louisville
  • Dominion Hixson
  • Griffin Living Acworth
  • SLC Heron House
  • SLC Heron Club
  • SLC Heron East
  • SLC Lake Howard Heights
  • SLC Church Hill Village
  • Manor Lake Gainesville
  • Manor Lake Bridgemill
  • Manor Lake Hiram
  • Maybelle Carter Senior Living
  • New Haven
  • The Blake at New Braunfels
  • Somerby Senior Living Communities
  • Medical Arts Hotel
  • Ponce City Hotel
  • The Flamboyant Hotel
  • Canongate Chapel Hill
  • Canongate GA National
  • Canongate Heron Bay
  • Canongate Healy Point
  • Canongate River Forest
  • RiverRun Country Club
  • Olde Atlanta Country Club
  • Hamilton Mill Country Club
  • White Oak Country Club
  • Braelinn Country Club
  • FlatCreek Country Club
  • County Club of the South
  • TPC Michigan
  • TPC Charlotte
  • Eagle’s Landing Country Club
  • Hartefield Country Club
  • Laurel Springs Golf Club
  • Capital City Club
  • Ipswich Country Club
  • La Cima Country Club
  • Las Colinas Country Club
  • Indigo Run
  • Woodside Plantation
  • City Club of Washington
  • AYA at Phipps